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Prof. Roman Zielinski on “Pfizer’s genetic vaccine and PCR tests”. ENGLISH VERSION

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Interview with Prof. Roman Zielinski


Professor, you are a very active user of social media, where on your FB account you make people aware of you, using your extensive knowledge in the field of genetics and biology. In one of your posts you called the National Immunization Plan „The National Plan for the pursuit of society with a needle and syringe.” Why?

Roman Zielinski: In fact, this is what it looks like. The consultation of this bizarre document, which looks more like an advertising bulletin than a government-expert study, lasted three days. Nor do I think any comments will be taken into account. Yet the proposed mRNA technology has never been used in humans. We do not know any side effects that may appear after many months or years. Government pseudo-experts say the product is safe, but provide no proof. However, the manufacturer was released from liability for side effects. So they produced something they are not sure about.

You are one of the scientists who signed the „Appeal of scientists and doctors to stop vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 and to return to normal”, under the lead of Prof. W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz, in which you respond to the National Immunization Plan and point out that vaccines are dangerous, unexplored and unnecessary. The appeal is addressed to the President of the Republic of Poland and to the Government.

Did the addressees respond to your appeal in any way? Was there any reaction?

RZ: The appeal you are asking about was the second one that was addressed to the President of the Republic of Poland and to the Government on December 14, 2020 and has not yet been answered. I will say immodestly that I had my share in drafting both of these Appeals. For the first Appeal to the President of the Republic of Poland and the Government „On vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus” of November 30, 2020, the responses were provided by: Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski PhD, President of the Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products, Grzegorz Cessak PhD. and the Director of the National Institute of Public Health and the National Institute of Hygiene, Grzegorz Juszczyk, PhD.

The comprehensive response on December 16, 2020 to the first Appeal announced that the rapid launch of coronavirus vaccination is the government’s response to the urgent public demand related to the coronavirus pandemic, and that „all efforts to obtain effective COVID-19 vaccines are subject to rigorous procedures and guarantee the highest possible security for all of us ”.

On page 5, the authors of this answer explain: „It should be emphasized that the mRNA administered in the vaccine replicates in the cytoplasm, without getting into the nucleus, and therefore cannot integrate with human DNA.”

Thus, we found out that this preparation, called a „vaccine”, is a product of genetic engineering in the form of a recombinant RNA construct. Its task is not only to stimulate our immune system to produce antibodies to the S protein of the coronavirus, but also to replicate in our body. Thus, the foreign genetic element, the super virus, which is the mRNA construct, will engage our body’s translation machinery to produce the S protein, as well as the replication apparatus to multiply active viral mRNA particles.

In this way, the authors of this „modern technology” went a step further than the current GMO producers. Recall that for the production of GMOs, a DNA construct with a foreign gene is used, which is introduced into the cells of plants or animals. From that moment on, this construct has a life of its own, which is beyond the control of the experimenter. However, this construct does not multiply in the cytoplasm, nor is it translated. This construct merely integrates anywhere in the host genome, in any number of copies. This results in a change in gene expression and their mutations. Moreover, in response to stress such as this foreign DNA construct, transposons are triggered in the recipient’s genome, which may also alter gene expression and act mutagenically. Also, the mRNA construct from the „vaccine” can be integrated into the genome, in this case of the human genome, and produce similar effects to GMOs.

With regard to the coronavirus „vaccine”, the introduced mRNA particles will additionally be replicated and translated. So in the „vaccine” we get an invasive particle, similar to a malignant virus or malignant tumor cells, ostensibly for our own good. Let those who hesitate to take this genetic „vaccine” realize that after taking it, they will introduce a parasitic mRNA molecule into their body, similar to viroids found so far only in plants. Plant viroids are called transcription parasites because they take over their host’s transcriptional apparatus, causing it to become ill or to die.

The manufacturer, Pfizer, says in the leaflet that the effects of vaccination on fertility are unknown. Does this mean that this vaccination may affect our fertility?

RZ: This specimen cannot be called a vaccine. This is not a vaccine in its essence. I call it an mRNA construct, recombinant RNA, a product that is genetically engineered. The manufacturer’s package insert for anti-C-19 clearly states that the effects of this product on fertility have not been studied. So we don’t know if there may be side effects or not.

German doctors point to the fact that the viral protein to be produced by our body is similar to syncytin – a protein that is necessary for the implantation of the fetus. This similarity runs the risk that the antibodies produced may also attack syncytin and thus affect fertility. Syncitin is produced only over a short period of time during implantation of the fetus. As no studies in this area have been conducted, this possibility cannot be confirmed or ruled out. Perhaps that is why the manufacturer does not recommend administering the mRNA construct to pregnant women, and clinical trial participants were instructed not to become pregnant for the next two months.

Yes, this information is also in the manufacturer’s leaflet …

RZ: It turns out, however, that the problem of maintaining pregnancy is not the only one related to the similarity between the protein produced by the anti-C-19 mRNA construct and syncytin.

Syncitin is highly expressed in human sperm. At the same time, syncytin 1 receptors are expressed in human oocytes. This indicates an important role for syncytin in cell fusion, including sperm and egg fusion. Thus, syncytin 1 is essential not only for implantation of the embryo, but also for the proper functioning of the sperm. Investigating the impact of this construct on male and female fertility should be compulsory prior to any marketing of this product.

In addition to syncytin 1, syncytin 2 is also produced, the role of which is to weaken the mother’s immune response against an implanted embryo in the endometrium. There is homeostasis between syncytin 1 and syncytin 2, which are proteins related to reproduction. Syncytin has also been shown to be secreted when infected by the influenza virus. This delicate homeostasis can be largely disrupted.

Coronavirus S proteins are homologous to syncytin proteins and there is therefore a well-founded concern that antibodies produced to the virus S protein will also bind to syncytin, which may disrupt embryo development, inhibit sperm growth, and hinder effective fertilization. An autoimmune response can also arise as antibodies can also target S proteins that will end up on the cell surface.

So the potential infertility may concern not only women but also men? It is a truly terrifying vision, especially for young people of childbearing age.

However, the elderly, our seniors, also cannot feel safe taking this preparation, commonly known as the COVID vaccination. According to the data presented by the manufacturer in the leaflet, the research was conducted only on healthy people up to 55 years of age. Meanwhile, our government has announced that seniors will be first in line for immunization.

What might be the impact of such vaccination on seniors? What is threatening them?

RZ: The drug against C-19 has not been researched and is still in testing phase. In fact, anything can happen after a senior has taken it.

  • With the help of effective therapies, the government will enable seniors to shorten their time in the earth’s valley, and the funds accumulated as part of capital pensions will be eagerly used to fill the budget hole. It is important to show solidarity between the generations and reduce the suffering of the government by willingly exposing the arms to administer the mRNA of a known virus.
  • Government experts say that giving mRNA to seniors should be an absolute recommendation as the terrible virus will destroy their lungs at a frantic pace. As proof, they compare that the susceptibility to fatal complications is 1/200 in a 25-year-old and 20/200 in an 85-year-old. We actually have a 20x increase in vulnerability, and that doesn’t sound right. I bet more than one person reading this will get scared and eagerly stick out their arm.

Meanwhile, this is the classic manipulation of statistics and numbers to show the threat greater than it actually is. This is an old trick in a series of thinking traps in which our brain writes down numbers but doesn’t bother to recalculate and wonder what those numbers mean. The probability of complications in a healthy 25-year-old is 1/200, which is 0.5%, so it is very small.

On the other hand, the data on the 85-year-old concern a group of sick 85-year-olds, i.e. we have the first manipulation: a healthy young man versus a sick senior. The comparison was unauthorized, because the probability should be given first in a healthy 85-year-old, and only then in the sick. I bet the former will be much lower. But unfortunately, this is typical manipulation, and also a common mistake in the medical community, where there is a perception that every elderly person is sick. This is not true. In fact, the incidence of disease increases with age, but many of them are the result of an unhealthy lifestyle and can be effectively prevented. What’s more, changing the lifestyle of a person aged 60+ has a colossal impact on health.

Old saying: The way you care is the way you have …

RZ: Back to the numbers. The first manipulation is to compare the healthy with the sick. The second manipulation is numbers instead of percentages. Well, 20 people out of 200 in the case of sick 85-year-olds is 10%. This is still 20 times more than for a 25-year-old, but 10% may still be acceptable especially considering that side effects of mRNA administration can also occur at this frequency. While 10% is perceived by our brain as a small number, 20 people are not. And that’s it. To confuse the brain and use the fast path of thinking: stereotype or habit. Our brain is quite lazy and when it can cut corners it does so. The cortical centers that would carry out the data analysis are launched later. Before they are launched, the subcortical and stereotypical system is activated and will give an answer. And this feature of our brain is perfectly used by manipulators. Therefore, when reading the article about the absolute necessity to provide seniors with mRNA, you can be sure that it is not their welfare, but the welfare of ZUS (The Social Insurance Institution). Therefore, everyone, not only seniors, should turn on thinking as soon as possible, so as not to be fooled by coloured ads promoting the intake of mRNA, you know of which virus.

Well, in the debate about the innovation of the proposed „vaccination” to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, commonly known as C-19, it is said that the mRNA contained in the „vaccine” can affect our human DNA. How? What does this actually mean for the average person?

RZ: Your question relates to the issue of the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology, presented by Watson and Crick. These scientists previously received the Nobel Prize for developing a double-strand DNA model. In the Dogma they formulated, which is the basis of molecular biology, genetic information is transferred both from DNA, through RNA to protein, and from RNA to DNA. So this information is circulating between these two nucleic acids. This means that any RNA particle found in the cytoplasm of a cell can be converted into DNA and incorporated into the genome.

This is indeed the case, as exemplified by the retrotransposons of viral origin that are incorporated into the human genome, which constitute approximately 60% of the human genome. In a similar way, it travels to the nucleus of tRNA and mRNA. There are enzymes in the cell called reverse transcriptase that allow the transcription of RNA into DNA. These include human telomerase and viral reverse transcriptase.

The process of reverse transcription, i.e. rewriting ribonucleic acid into deoxyribonucleic acid in a cell, is an evolutionarily old mechanism. It would be strange if mRNA particles introduced into our cells along with this „vaccine” were excluded from this process. The risks associated with the introduction of this mRNA construct in a „vaccine” are many and one of them is the possibility of its integration into the human genome and the associated effect on the change of gene expression and their mutations. The potential of the transgene to influence the genome cannot be overestimated, as evidenced by the results of genetic studies on GMOs in plants. Their mutagenic effect on the genome is even stronger than after the use of chemical mutagens.

The self-replicating RNA molecules contained in the „vaccine”, in addition to the very likely interference in our genome, which I mentioned earlier, can cause many other adverse effects. Let me start by saying that this genetic construct has to pass through the cell membrane to penetrate inside the cell. For this purpose, it is surrounded by a lipid envelope with the participation of polyethylene glycol (PGE), which is insoluble in the cell and is toxic to it. Viral RNA particles found in the cytoplasm are highly reactive and can recombine with other viruses, through both homologous and heterologous recombination.

This could also apply to the mRNA construct contained in the vaccine. This construct can also be identified as foreign mRNA since the host mRNA is appropriately labeled. This can result in an autoimmune reaction. The stability of the mRNA construct is to be ensured by the inserted for this purpose nucleotides that have a toxic effect on the cell. Cellular RNA participates in numerous signaling pathways, and a foreign mRNA construct can interfere with these pathways. In general, our knowledge of cell signaling pathways is very modest and it is therefore very wary to look at the possible effects of this genetic manipulation after taking the „vaccine”.

Could it be that people who have been vaccinated with Pfizer’s „vaccines” will spread the SARS-CoV-2 virus, similar to how they do after vaccination against measles. Can vaccinated people become contagious?

RZ: For comparison, let me say that the flu vaccine has an effectiveness of about 50%, i.e. it protects only every second person vaccinated. However, this protection does not have to be complete, i.e. the course of the disease may only be milder. It should be noted that the half-effect of an influenza vaccine occurs when the vaccine is adjusted each year for the current mutant strains of influenza and its content is made up of a „cocktail” of these attenuated strains.

Regarding the mRNA vaccine to SARS-CoV-2, the immune response is to be caused by only a single antigen, one S protein, produced by our body on a viral matrix. Recent studies indicate that such a vaccine, e.g. in cats, increases their morbidity and mortality. Scientists are of a similar opinion regarding the possible effects of using this vaccine in humans.

So, answering your question, the answer comes to mind: people vaccinated with SARS-CoV-2 will not protect themselves against coronavirus infection, and may even have more serious symptoms of COVID-19, and thus, will be a seedbed of this virus.

How can seniors protect themselves from contracting the coronavirus if not with vaccination?

RZ: Let’s not just talk about seniors, each of us can avoid serious illness in the same way. The rulers lock people 70+ in their homes to their loss. And then they wonder at the increase in deaths. Meanwhile, it is not the age, but lifestyle that is the main risk factor. Our grandmothers, who rarely got sick, knew about it, but ate homemade products made with vegetables collected in their own garden. Today, hardly anyone can afford such a luxury.

We live in small apartments on credit, crammed into blocks of flats, busy and sleepy. We are under perpetual stress. It has long been known that stress worsens the course of any infection. How many times did we get the flu when we finished an important project, when after many sleepless nights we thought we would rest, catch up on training. And here is the trap: we were chained to the bed.

It is no different with COVID. It does not pose too much threat to a healthy organism, even if it is a slightly older person. The risks are comorbidities resulting from an unhealthy lifestyle, such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Dr. Marek Wasiluk in an extensive article on Onet considers obesity as one of the causes of the acute course of COVID. Obesity is the result of a lack of exercise and unhealthy nutrition. It is estimated that 9% of all annual deaths in Europe are due to lack of exercise. Diseases resulting from lack of exercise cost around $ 80 billion annually in the EU (according to WHO). And this amount can be saved by promoting exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, in the era of Covidianism, the basic principle that has been in force for centuries was forgotten. Recommendations have been made that contradict the ancient knowledge and essence of a man as a biological species. Ban on leaving the house, face masks, excessive sterilization of rooms and body – these are recommendations that lead to increased susceptibility to disease, and not those that protect against them. Especially for the elderly, these recommendations are a death sentence. Therefore, it is hard to believe that they are spent for our good. It should be assumed that politicians and many experts suddenly suffered collective amnesia under the influence of a harmless virus.

Recommendations that contradict the current knowledge about human disease resistance resemble eugenic activities more than care for the public interest. And governments should be held accountable for these actions, as they endangered the health and lives of thousands of people. The reduction of the health of the society by the so-called countermeasures led to a sharp increase in deaths in the autumn. Not only do we have a serious disease called chronic medical failure syndrome, but we also have a reduced immunity as a result of many months of wearing microbial incubators on the face, sitting at home, and therefore limiting the intake of vitamin D.

Health lies in the body’s ability to protect against viruses, not in creating a sterile organism. Cultivation under sterile conditions always leads to high mortality when organisms reared in this way come into contact with the environment. Probably every gardener who uses in vitro (sterile) cultures to produce flowers knows this. Today, governments have transformed people into in vitro cultured organisms, and it is hardly surprising that such people, when exposed to the environment, are unable to defend themselves against it.

Therefore, let’s not go crazy and lead a healthy lifestyle without masks and with lots of activity. I have already started and for this occasion I prepared 30 kg of sauerkraut. If so, I will survive the winter by supplementing myself with a self-made „vitamin bomb”.

We also, with our initiative called “Stolik Wolności” (The Freedom Table), try to promote among people not wearing masks, staying in the fresh air and breathing fully, as well as making people aware of the subject of vaccinations, in which the interview with you will probably play an important role.

RZ: Today, the entire society has become victim to psychopathic actions, persuaded that the common cold is a deadly virus, and the only way to protect it is to completely exterminate society. Clear concept: there will be no people, there will be no virus. The so-called restrictions are nothing else than the ordinances of the labor camp capos, the sole purpose of which is to humiliate, break the spine, destroy the will to fight and create a human „zombie” who does not think and feel.

Such a person becomes a puppet with which anything can be done. The orders to wear masks, which constitute a breeding ground for microorganisms, and the prohibition of walking, singing, dancing, meetings, together with coercing unwanted therapies and threatening with vaccines is unprecedented violence, which in fact leads to the death of a significant part of the population. It can only be compared with similar practices that took place during World War II, especially in relation to certain groups of the population, or with the operation of sects that enslave people.

This unprecedented violence is accepted by the majority of society, which meekly conforms to the depth of cruelty served by traitors. Society is behaving as if there was a collective Stockholm syndrome. Not only does it agree to the lawlessness imposed by the Warsaw torturers, but like the victims of the syndrome in question, it seems to cooperate with these perpetrators, leading to even greater losses in people.

Where are the scientists, professors who have always had their mouths full of clichés and are now silent in the face of extinction? Why are medics, biologists, psychologists and sociologists silent? Why are voices of reason not universal?

In return, we have pseudo-experts who prove with every word that they sold themselves for a few pieces of silver. Why do these so-called elites close their eyes to a clear violation of the dignity of the human person and their right to live in accordance with their own convictions, the right to inviolability of their own body? No epidemic, not even a real one, entitles it to ruin people’s lives, to forbid the use of Nature’s goodness.

As a reminder, patients with Spanish flu were advised to stay outdoors. No epidemic entitles people to be exposed to disease and death by irrational ordinances. In October, the number of deaths has already increased as a result of postponed operations, the lack of cancer diagnostics (40-50% fewer people are referred to the fast track), and all medical activities were directed to a virus that is not too dangerous.

In the coming months, the number of deaths will continue to increase as a result of many months of neglect. Additionally, during the fall and winter period, we are accompanied by a sharp increase in the number of people suffering from flu, flu-like conditions and colds, which will be hailed as caused by the coronavirus.

At their own request, many, instead of treating their colds with home remedies, will turn themselves over to the Martians, who will lock them up behind barbed wires and experiment with unproven therapies. Some will give up because they will panic. Others, because a cold will last a little longer, the symptoms will be slightly stronger, including acute ones due to the drastic reduction in the immunity of the whole society.

People aged 70+ are already subject to slow euthanasia due to the ban on leaving home, which went unnoticed. After all, someone has to be sacrificed, saving ZUS at the same time. Is this different from segregation on a ramp? Brilliant idea of ​​a psychopath.

No rational voices appeal to the masked crowds. Without offending the rams, these crowds like “rams” go to the slaughter. It is the masked ones who have lost their immunity, those who have reduced their walking and physical activity to blame for the increases in deaths. They are to blame for overcrowded hospitals, because by avoiding walks and sun, they significantly lowered their vitamin D content, making them more susceptible to disease. Crowds on the beaches and swimming pools sunbathing in masks – we owe the new restrictions to them.

It must be made clear that the pandemic is a hoax. Restrictions on face masks, social distancing, and quarantine are anti-health. There is no justification for spreading panic and biomedical terror in relation to the presence of the common cold virus, 80% of which passes asymptomatically. Vaccines are unnecessary. Viruses have been everywhere, forever. The only effective defense is building your own immunity. Vaccination is a road to nowhere. There are many viruses.

We won’t get vaccinated against all of them. Each vaccination, i.e. an attempt to protect us pharmacologically against them, will only weaken us and expose us in a double way to new viruses. They are just waiting for it. Universal vaccination, meaning for everyone and everything, is a dream of the pharmaceutical industry. They want us to be weaker and weaker and completely dependent on pharmacotherapy. They manipulate vaccines, inventing the specifics that are harmful to us, for which they invent pandemics. The 20-year patent protection for the flu vaccine had ended and the flu had to disappear. COVID has appeared in its place. Further pathogens and diseases are already under preparation.

However, I hope that we will manage to wake up some part of society from this lethargy. We’ve been doing quite well so far. We benefit from the support of wonderful, brave people who are authorities like you and are not afraid to proclaim the truth. There is a minority of you, but I have the impression that recently something has moved and more and more doctors and scientists are speaking with the same voice as you.

You are a representative of the scientific community. Do you think the truth will ever come out?

RZ: One of the positive sides of scientific activity is that the truth will always see the light of day. There will always be a scientist who takes a closer look at the publication or wants to repeat the experiment described earlier. Sometimes the matter is obvious, it literally stands out. This was the case with the RT-qPCR test procedure for the diagnosis of coronavirus.

We have already said from March-April, which is from the very beginning, that this test is unreliable and should be withdrawn immediately. There was no non-obviousness in what we claimed, because this is what we teach students about, it is the alphabet of molecular biology. We were only surprised that no Polish scientist agreed with us, but determined our ignorance, on the contrary.

I can only repeat that it is a waste of money for such science and such scientists.

Exactly, you and your wife are geneticists, biologists and for several decades you have been researching plants, animals and bacteria, using PCR tests, the same as we are tested today for the diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection. I watched carefully your Alter Shot TV interview on this topic. It stuck in my memory how easy it is to falsify the results and how unreliable it is to diagnose viruses (as the inventor himself wrote about). Can you explain, in simplification, why is this happening? Will I find out if I have COVID-19 if I go for such a test and pay for it?

RZ: Performing the PCR test consists in carrying out a very precise molecular reaction, in which even such elements as the company from which the thermocycler comes from, where the reaction is carried out or the company where the chemical reagents were purchased play an important role. Moreover, it is a very complex reaction, especially when the starting genetic material is RNA, not DNA. This is the case with the coronavirus, the RNA of which must first be converted into cDNA by reverse transcription (RT) and then be amplified by PCR. Therefore, two reactions referred to as RT-qPCR are performed with this virus.

RT stands for the conversion of viral RNA into cDNA by an enzyme called reverse transcriptase and „q” is the quantification of cDNA proliferation by PCR. Another feature of this reaction is its enormous sensitivity, which allows DNA to multiply with a small number of particles. A necessary condition for the proper performance of the PCR reaction is DNA purity, because in its absence, other genetic material can also be multiplied. In laboratory practice, this reaction is optimized when analyzing each research object, e.g. another species, or when using another marker system. The possibility of manipulating the parameters of this reaction is part of its optimization. Therefore, erroneous readings can be obtained without fully knowing the biochemical mechanism of this reaction or by making errors in its performance, or by failing to meet the requirements for the purity of the template used for its amplification in the PCR reaction.

When it comes to coronavirus diagnostics, all these errors are often cumulative. They can also be intentionally generated by changing the parameters of this reaction, including manipulating thermal profiles or the number of DNA multiplication cycles. When the temperature of this amplification is raised, the possibility of detecting DNA particles in the sample decreases because the primers used for this amplification lose the ability to attach to the template. Conversely, by lowering this temperature, the reaction becomes less specific, resulting in an increased ability to detect foreign DNA.

The primers themselves also have a significant impact on the specificity of the reaction. They must meet certain requirements for the amount of G + C, the content of which should exceed 50%. Otherwise they will bind to the matrix nonspecifically. The problem with obtaining reliable results in relation to the diagnosis of coronavirus infections using the RT-qPRC test is that in the biological test, which is a nasopharyngeal swab, there is a mixture of nucleic acids from various pathogens present in it and the human genetic material contained therein. This foreign genetic material may multiply because it contains sequences homologous to the primers used in this reaction.

The non-specificity of the RT-qPCR reaction is inherent in the tests used to diagnose the presence of coronavirus. This is evidenced by the construction of primers that do not meet the requirements to be specific, because the share of G + C bases present in them is below 50%. Creators of patents for coronavirus tests, the shareholder of which is the American CDC panel, make a reservation that these tests can also detect other microorganisms, and a positive test result does not mean infection with coronavirus, and a negative result does not exclude its absence. The above-mentioned CDC panel estimates the reliability of its tests for coronavirus diagnosis at 35%. Currently, there are also other estimates of this reliability which lower it to about 10%.

So the question is why use these tests then. The answer is that their intention is not to detect the presence of coronavirus in the nasopharyngeal swab sample being tested, as these tests are not suitable for this. Their role is quite different. They are designed to make the coronavirus pandemic credible. Depending on the parameters of the analysis, these tests can always detect something or not. This makes it possible to manipulate the course of a pandemic depending on political needs. We had examples of this in relation to testing miners in Silesia. Similar examples came from the USA, where 100% positive tests were obtained in some counties. The results of PCR tests are not correlated with disease symptoms, and there is no differential diagnosis, e.g. for influenza virus infection. The test is one thing and disease another.

So how to find your own way in this testing? Just try to avoid being tested. Unreliable PCR tests for the diagnosis of coronavirus are to authenticate the non-existent pandemic of this virus, if it exists at all. Many scientists speculate that SARS-CoV-2 might be a computer complex virus based on previously sequenced SARS viruses. Note that the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which would have been obtained from cell culture, has not yet been sequenced. This means no pattern of this virus (no gold standard). This virus was also not obtained in a crystalline form.

Thank you very much for the interview and your time.

I wish you a healthy and happy Christmas and hope that next year will be a turning point for us, free people.

RZ: It is a great wish, which I would also like to bestow on both you and all people of good will organizing the Freedom Tables, as well as all our countrymen.

The interview conducted by
Agnieszka Kisielewska
Freedom Table